Lemuria Warriors

A place where faith and hope exists and dreams come true.

Welcome To Our Base Camp


Lemurians, indigo, star, crystal, star seed, rainbow children (and other), welcome to the place where you are able learn about the warriors, and Lemuria herself.

You will able to learn about our future and actions/plan.

Fated Desires is based around the "shifting" method for mermaids. This method was popularized by the user "KissingMidnight". KissingMidnight successfully got her tail using the shifting method. 


1. Please keep the cursing to a minimum.

2. Do not insult the members of Fated Desires.

3. If you have nothing nice to say, please keep it to yourself.

4. Please avoid causing drama on here. 

5. Only bring joy and positivity here.

6. No trolling or roleplaying..

Monthly Oracle/Pendulum Reading WINNER

Winner: RESET